Something to be proud of.

We understand the sensitive legacy issues that can play on a landowner’s mind. Edward Ware Homes has a reputation for creating appropriate developments that respond to a wide range of constraints and factors.

Unlike large volume housebuilding companies that build developments, we pride ourselves on good urban and architectural design that creates pleasant places to live; places where people can enjoy a high quality of life and a sense of belonging for many years to come. 

Refusing to build standard housing ‘boxes', Edward Ware homes is characterised by uncompromising attention to detail: to the interior and exterior of each building, and to the layout orientation and character of every site we build. 

As concerns for the environment grow, Edward Ware Homes is committed to building with natural and sustainable materials, locally sourced wherever possible. This, together with a degree of craftmanship and an enviable specification, means that Edward Ware Homes are not only luxurious, but they are built to last. 

Good design does not always compromise land value. We identify regional developers who have a reputation for quality property development and share our design-led approach. This means we can achieve best value for the landowner, while protecting the integrity of your legacy requirements.

Whether we are contributing to building a development phase to establish the required quality outcome, or identifying regional developers to deliver this quality, the right balance will be struck to achieve the right value for the land.