Land at East Coalpit Heath


“the development at Coalpit Heath provides an opportunity to create sustainable development that is well related to neighbouring communities”

- Barton Willmore


A sustainably positioned new development on the edge of Coalpit Heath, presents an exciting opportunity to create a mixed-use new community that can sit within a network of green spaces which celebrate local heritage assets such as the Dramway. The site will provide a wide mixture of homes and a local centre and a primary school will cater for the everyday needs of new residents and the existing community. The high-quality development will allow the creation of a strong sense of place and community, encouraging sustainable lifestyles and positive interactions amongst existing and new residents.

Land at Coalpit Heath is jointly proposed by Edward Ware Homes and Bloor Homes and will represent c1600 new homes within the West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP).


JSP allocation.JPG

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Alex Atkinson